Support President Trump's Executive Order

Dear President Trump:

Thank you for the promise you made to do everything in your power to protect the First Amendment right of all Americans to religious freedom.

You have seen the egregious attacks on the faith community, both nationally and internationally. Under the previous Administration, faith-based schools, businesses, and charities have been forced to close their doors; people of faith are being pushed to the fringes of society and facing significant penalties for simply adhering to their deeply held beliefs. This is simply un-American.

Religion should not, and cannot, be confined solely to our homes or our hearts. People of faith should be able to live out their beliefs in their daily activities, whether in social services, education, health care, employment, obtaining grants or contracts–indeed, anywhere in the public square–without the fear of government coercion or legal repercussions.

We are not shouting or resorting to violence. However, as representatives of a nationwide network of thousands of lawmakers and citizens, we are calling on you to stand firm by following through on your promises. Sign an executive order that establishes a government-wide initiative to respect religious freedom.

The protections in such an executive order should ensure that the public square remains open to all religious voices, and protecting diversity and tolerance of those of all faiths. Lawmakers and legal experts agree this is good policy, and such policy is desperately needed.

Thank you in advance for doing what is right and best for all Americans by protecting our basic religious freedoms. We are praying for you and your Administration.


Will you sign?